About Us

Now celebrating 40 years of providing industry-leading service, Colonial Claims is one of the largest independent Claims Services companies in the U.S. Founded by Doug Branham and Felicia Rivas in 1982, our senior management team has over 250 years of experience serving the insurance industry. With four decades in the business, we have handled more than $50 billion in damages from catastrophe and daily claims.

Colonial Claims maintains two main offices in Lexington, KY and Dunedin, FL. We maintain a full staff of permanent, full-time staff examiners and quality assurance specialists year-round, so we do not have to hire and train temporary contractors in catastrophe situations or during hurricane season. We also maintain a network of thousands of highly trained and experienced adjusters, servicing claims nationwide, including all 50 states, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and all U.S. territories.

Coupled with our completely web-based systems and our inherent ability for any/all staff to work remotely, Colonial Claims has the resources it takes to keep our commitments to our clients, no matter how big an event may be, or where it occurs.

Colonial Claims services all types of property and liability claims, including Wind, Fire, Hail, Flood (NFIP & Private), Tornado, and Earthquake for Residential and Commercial properties. Colonial Claims provides both field and desk adjusting resources, as well as Appraisals, Dispute Resolution services, Mediation & Arbitration services, Litigation and Alternative Defense services, and TPA services.

We value our long-standing partnerships with our dedicated adjusters, carrier partners, and colleagues across the insurance world. It is our goal to achieve loyal committed partnerships within the insurance industry. We know that exceptional customer service is paramount, so we extend our culture-of-care philosophy to all our industry partners and to the policyholders. With every task or action, we strive to carry through an approach that exemplifies integrity, quality, accuracy and respect.

From our leading-edge technology to our sincere and personal service, Colonial Claims continues to lead the adjusting industry in providing the best, most comprehensive adjusting solutions to carriers and their policyholders. In a world of intensified weather risks you need Colonial Claims by your side.

Colonial Claims - providing the right claims solutions on time, every time.